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High-Quality Cyber Security Services

As a client of our cyber security services you will benefit from measurably improved cyber security. We will test your system, clarify confusing instructions and make them more easily understandable and, when needed, we will implement the required reparative measures for you.

Cyber Security Audit / Penetration Testing

A cyber security audit will reveal the security of your system and infrastructure and give you concrete instructions on how to improve the situation. In the audit we methodically attack the system in order to find all the cyber security issues. We then compile our observations into a prioritized list, from which you can easily choose the ones you want to fix in order to best improve your system’s cyber security.

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Deliver often and with ease. We bring scalable cyber security into your processes of continuous integration and deployment, so you know your deployment is always of a high quality.

We can also otherwise assess your system when needed. We will help make your product more cyber secure, handle any cyber security incidents and interpret your client’s cyber security needs.

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IEC 62443 -services

We help equipment manufacturers and system integrators follow the safe development process laid out in the IEC 62443-4-1 and obtain an IEC 62443-4-2 certification for their products. We help you refine your existing processes and implement them for your development teams.

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Why bother testing?

Which system breaking down or what information leaking/disappearing would cause your company the most damage? It is worth it to test the systems that are essential for the business of your company.

When is it a good time to do cyber security testing?

Before deploying the target system, or when fundamental changes have taken place in the system. It is worth it to keep running smaller automated tests as part of safe software development.

How broad should the testing be?

This depends on the size of your target system. You get good results from a medium-sized system with 5 days of testing. Then you can decide whether further testing is necessary based on the results.

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